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29 December 2011 @ 02:51 pm
icons - Downton Abbey - Mary/Matthew [23]  

I am so in love with this couple. They healed my shipper heart with their epic story and natural chemistry ♥



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Gloria ღ: danyantar82 on December 29th, 2011 05:26 pm (UTC)
Downton Abbey is the best thing I watched in 2011, along with Game of Thrones. I just recently discovered it, when it won all those Emmys and I devoured DA in few days three months ago in time to watch 2x04 live, as the time zone allows me to do it.

I fell for MM and I fell hard, despite not wanting to do it (since my latest shipping and fandom experiences were not good - that's why I say this otp *healed* me =) ). I watched this show because it was an orgasm for the eyes for its prettiness and because of Maggie Smith's amazing Violet.
But I just fell because to me they are one of those classic couples I love so much: they start hating each other (for understandable reasons in this case) and then they gradually fall in love and we see all their journey, angst and heartbreak and love. I was hooked by them since their banter over Greek mythology, they are so well written. And the chemistry between the actors is a plus.
As for them as individual characters, I love both, expecially Mary, she is one of the best written female characters I know and tbh Michelle Dockery's face saved this show for me in series 2, when I had a few issues expecially in the final episodes. Christmas Special was very good, better than those.
Other than her romance with Matthew, I love very much her relationship with Anna, the one with mr. Carson, with granny and also the dynamic with her parents and sisters (protectiveness with Sybil and rivalry with Edith).
Maybe it's just a matter of taste =) I love them. I don't know if you'll change your mind about them if so late in the series you still don't care for them.
They are not the only thing I like about DA btw. Who do you like?

Do you mean in my lj? :D