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Leaving the negative places with negative people behind.

A few days ago I left a community I was a member of (even if I never posted, I was a lurker- I just read there, and now I'm so happy I've never posted) because of how bad and full of negativity and bitching it became, and I didn't want to be in the members list anymore, even if I didn't post in it, my LJ could be seen in the members list and I didn't want anymore any connection to what that place is now. The mistake was mine in the beginning because I should have never added a community born from gossip blogs in the first place. Another lesson learned. It's amazing after many years I can still learn new ways to live my "tv series lover" life. I have changed so much since the first fandoms, each experience, bad or good, changes me. Now I don't think twice about leaving places or blocking people, and fandoms for me are very small groups of great people I talk with and the rest is distant noise I keep distance from and I can roll my eyes at. I liked to read spoilers and opinions but sometimes the wrong opinions (yes, even opinions can be wrong) become too much and it's time to stop reading them and form your own one, the only one that counts. I am not involved, I see things but I don't get involved personally. I am more interested in helping the shows I like to be promoted in social media, or letting my thoughts known to the authors/actors if possible. These things are possible now but weren't possible at the beginning. In 2001 I would have never dreamt to interact with Shiri Appleby on twitter, realizing she not only puts my tweets in her favourites but she actually takes the time to read what you write to her. Now it happened. (note that I think the "fourth wall" is necessary. A certain distance is necessary between fandom and the show people. There can be a respectful interaction but it should never become obsessive).

I feel good about this choice and thought to post it here, where it belongs. Even if LJ is pretty much dead.

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