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I'm disabling anonymous comments on my livejournal due to the unsufferable amount of porn spam comments I got daily on older entries (I got the notifications). I am sorry to do this because I received some nice anon comments here from people who don't have lj, but it was too much and it annoyed me at this point to receive daily spam.
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New layout! And a new life ahead

Time for a change because I'm kind of back!

-Finally I passed the exam for the qualification for Architecture! My worst nightmare is gone. Woo-hoo! Sounds so good to be free now! I will sign projects, it takes a lot of responsabilities but it's finally satisfying.
I received the news that I (unexpectedly, I was scared to fail) passed the practical test two days before Christmas, and then I studied hard all the laws, history of Architecture and construction science (? I don't know how to translate) for less than a month for the oral test. I really feel that studying is harder than it was before for me, actually painful. I cried of joy when I read my name with "qualified" attached to it in the results.

-I decided to cut with the past, and I cut my hair (kind of like this actress I brought her pic to my hairdresser xD), I feel new :DDD

-I changed the pink layout to this minimal one, I really really love it: black and white, wide, simple, with light blue links, I like the style =). Made by milou_veronica.

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