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S w e e t D r e a m s

softly, softly, catchee monkey

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Gloria ღ

"Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well."

● italian. juventina. architect. stubborn. touchy. shy. loyal. creative. picky. complicated. sarcastic. loner. dreamer.
○ short_brown-eyed_brunette_with_curly_hair

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stuff & claims + colorbars + you are the ♥ to my ★

Me through my likes and dislikes:
A Song of Ice and Fire-GRRM; The picture of Dorian Gray-Wilde; Harry Potter-JKR; Outlander series-Gabaldon; The unbearable lightness of being-Kundera; Le Petit Prince-SaintExupéry; N.P.-Banana Yoshimoto; 1984-Orwell; The Secret Garden-Burnett; The Time Traveler's Wife-Niffenegger; Everything Tolkien wrote
Lord of the Rings; Dead Poets Society; Donnie Darko; Edward Scissorhands; Moulin Rouge; Fried Green Tomatoes; Ladyhawke; Inception; Forrest Gump; The Lion King; Beauty and the Beast; American Beauty; Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain; Gattaca
Roswell. Ally McBeal. Alias. Felicity. Gilmore Girls. The Simpsons. South Park. 24. Taken. 4400. Dark Angel. Scrubs. Heroes. House. Cold Case. One Tree Hill. Friends. Pushing Daisies. Boris. How I Met Your Mother. Friday Night Lights. Life UneXpected. Futurama. Being Erica. Haven. The Good Wife. Legend of the Seeker. Castle. Sex and the City. Harper's island. Lie to me. Game of Thrones. Downton Abbey. The Pillars of the Earth. Homeland. Birdsong. Great Expectations. Awake. The Hour. The Hollow Crown. My Mad Fat Diary. The Village. Vikings. Hannibal. Breaking Bad. Orphan Black. Shameless US. The Americans. Sleepy Hollow. Peaky Blinders. The Crimson Field. True Detective. Red Riding. Broadchurch. Extant. Outlander. Our Girl. Anzac Girls. Jane the Virgin. Marco Polo. Grantchester. The Syndicate. Sense8. Poldark. Victoria. ...
Max/Liz → Roswell; Mary/Matthew → Downton Abbey; Ron/Hermione → Harry Potter; Kate/Sawyer → Lost; Jamie/Claire → Outlander; Lorelai/Luke → Gilmore Girls; Anne/Gilbert → Anne of Green Gables; Romeo/Juliet → Shakespeare; Rhett/Scarlett → Gone with the Wind; Christian/Satine → Moulin Rouge; Jack/Rose → Titanic; Henry/Clare → The Time Traveler's Wife; Aragorn/Arwen → Lord of The Rings; Allie/Noah → The Notebook; Isabeau/Navarre → Ladyhawke; Ally/Larry → Ally McBeal; Alicia/Will → The Good Wife; Bel/Freddie → The Hour; Kitty/Thomas → The Crimson Field; Tommy/Grace → Peaky Blinders; Carrie/Brody → Homeland; Rae/Finn → My Mad Fat Diary; Molly/James → Our Girl; Dwight/Caroline → Poldark; Victoria/Albert → Victoria; Peyton/Lucas → One Tree Hill; Ned/Chuck → Pushing Daisies; Jack/Ennis → Brokeback Mountain; Joan/Keenan → Playing by Heart; Alex/Sonia → ♥
reading, photoshopping ^^, watching movies, good tv-shows, art, listening to music, laughing with my friends, watching^^" sports, Juventus, Alessandro Del Piero
HATE. >_<
shouts, loud noises, crowded places, smoke, hypocrisy, backstabbers, people with a stolid demeanour, reality shows, ass-kissers, know-it-alls (apart from Hermione ^^), ungrateful people, drama queens, bad writers who don't have dignity and embarrass themselves, pompous writers with God complexes, patronizing people who believe to be superior to others because of their expensive education, crazed stans, people who play the victim, too much popular things, overrated things, unoriginal copies, anti-Juve people, inter milan, Del Piero-haters (expecially if they're idiotic Juventus fans), everything that Lost chose to be, tess harding.

the credits;
+credit antar82 or DulcedoGloriae if you use my icons (or just don't claim my works as yours)
how to credit on lj: go to this page and and follow the instructions
+don't display my works (icons x & x & x); wallpapers x; picspams x;) without crediting me
+don't steal/modify/cut my works to do yours
+don't hotlink, please
+comments are love
+feel free to add me if you like my works or if you think we have something in common ^^
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"whatsogreataboutnormal?", adobe photoshop, alessandro del piero, alicia/will, ally/larry, amber & chocolate, andromeda-and-the-sea-monster, andy warhol, angst, aragorn/arwen, art, arya stark, asoiaf, audrey hepburn, azzurri, barney/robin, bel/freddie, beren/luthien, bianconeri, books, caitriona balfe, carrie/brody, castle/beckett, cate/baze, chase/cameron, chemistry, claire beauchamp, claudio marchisio, coldplay, daenerys targaryen, david trezeguet, death note, del piero, donnie darko, drawing, dreamer, dreams, emotional fireworks, fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain, fairies, fanart, faramir/eowyn, felicity/noel, football, freckles & dimples, frodo/sam, game of thrones, garbage, gianluigi buffon, graphics, harry potter, harry/ginny, henry/clare, homeland, icons, impressionism, italy, jack/ennis, jack/rose, jaime/brienne, james "sawyer" ford, jamie fraser, jamie/claire, jason behr, jim morrison, jon snow, jon/arya, jon/ygritte, juventus, kahlan amnell, klimt, legend of the seeker, leonardo dicaprio, life unexpected, liz parker, lord of the rings, lorelai/luke, lost sucks, love, love/hate, lucas/peyton, marlon brando, mary crawley, matthew crawley, matthew/mary, max evans, max/liz, monet, movies, muse, music, my mad fat diary, my otp pwns yours, ned/chuck, nirvana, noah/allie, northern lights, notre dame de paris, olympics, outlander, pacey/joey, pavel nedved, peaky blinders, people always leave, peyton sawyer, playing by heart, poetry, pushing daisies, queen, radiohead, rae/finn, raffaello, reading, red hot chili peppers, richard/kahlan, roger federer, roger mackenzie, roger/brianna, romance, romeo/juliet, ron/hermione, roswell, sam heughan, sansa stark, sassenach, sawyer/kate, scorpius/rose, shakespeare, shiri appleby, smashing pumpkins, snow patrol, sport, starcrossed lovers, strawberries & fishbiscuits, sydney/will, tatiana maslany, the crimson field, the hour, the time traveler's wife, tolkien, true love always, u2, unconditional love, unresolved sexual tension, wallpapers, wilde, ℒℴѵℯ, ☆彡,

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